This week I was able to celebrate 2 great friends’ milestone 40th birthdays.  2020 was the year of 40 for me and several friends.  We had many parties, trips and events planned to celebrate them, then BOOM!  COVID.  The celebrations in the year of COVID have not been anything that we planned.  2 Trips (1 birthday and our 15-year wedding anniversary) have been canceled, but we have found a way to virtually celebrate or do it in person on a driveway 6’ away.  It may not be what we planned, but it warms my heart to see my friend faces and that we can find a way to celebrate them!  We have many more 40’s to go… hopefully the celebration will change to live gatherings, or maybe we just say fuck it and we all celebrate 40+1 next year!

Weekly Post/Project Recap

Indian Hills Estates #indianhillsestatesproject

This remodel is going strong!  We have taken 4 bedrooms and created 2 super bedrooms upstairs for the kids (all kids would be jealous of these spaces)!  We have taken out a wall with a huge fireplace to open the kitchen to the main living area.  Gutted the kitchen and laid new flooring in most of the house.  This week was template week!  I always tell clients this is turning point in the project because once the top goes on, we are sprinting to put the backsplash and finish plumbing in.

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