Are you all fighting the Quarantine-fatigue? I will be bluntly honest (just an FYI… I am always blunt, and it doesn’t always find it way out elegantly #adultgoals) I am over it. However, I totally understand the need to tip toe back into society. I am craving my friends at my house, enjoying conversation, and kids running around (lets be real… arguing) with each other. It will happen soon enough; I know. I have taken this time to get a lot of crap off my to-do list and that has felt great. One of them is starting and writing this blog, re-branding my business, and getting back to creating original content. I have cleaned out ALL of the closets; clothes, linen or household items. The dump/donate pile is so large it has taken over one side of my garage. It has been a forced but appreciated push of the reset button, and I am grateful for it.

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