Welcome to Broxen Homes and my new blog! I am so excited to be back in the blog-a-sphere! Many eons ago I used to write a blog called Living Savvy. It was a lifestyle blog that featured DIY design tips, design projects, recipes and life hacks. I used it as a platform to keep my foot in the design world while I stayed at home with my boys. I enjoyed the community interaction, and it honestly kept me sane during 5 years at home. I was never meant to be a stay at home mom. I give mad props to those who do it… it is just not my jam. So the minute Mason was in Kindergarten and “what did you say?” “It is all day Kinder?” I put my feelers out there and went back to work.

I was fortunate to join a new design program at Lowe’s as an In-House Interior Designer. It was the best of both sides as I was engaged in kitchen and bath remodeling (what I was doing before I stayed at home) and it was for a big box store where people saw value in shopping there. I was able to bring my concept of good design on any budget to a service that was very needed with in a big box store. I ran a very successful program there and worked with some amazing individuals. One of them, was my dedicated General Contractor. We became a great team and his crew was amazing… they could install anything I designed! We had a good run at Lowes. We parted ways for a bit, just because I was ready to try something different.

Big less than a year later I found myself back with Jeff, specing a house remodel for new clients that were referral clients from a project he and I did via Lowes. The design process sucked me back in and I was back! We have weaved our way navigating owning the business, the mistakes, the office work, the liability for the last 2 years; we have learned a lot and continue to evolve our brand and business practices every day. I have never been happier to put the long workdays in on my projects for my clients. Every project is different, and I take such pride in helping my clients see their dreams become reality.

Now that you have taken that walk with me down memory lane, here is what I hope to bring to you with this blog. Everything! Ha! I will recap current projects, dive a little into the design process of kitchen, bathroom and home remodeling. I will share design tips and tricks… maybe some life hacks. I would love to start DIYing again (hubs is less thrilled about that idea… he is my builder at home). I will share my love for great food and cocktails with some recipes. Basically, fun content that hopefully will be helpful or just entertaining.

Weekly Post/Project Recap

Copycat Design Post

This living room is filled with natural light but has such contrast with the moody black walls and furniture. My soul gets filled with the black and white… I could spend every morning with coffee and my IG feed on that tweed sofa! I put together items to recreate this look in your home with budget friendly options. Be sure to also follow me on Liketoknow.it/Broxenhomes and you can shop all of the design boards I do for clients, sourcing items, and these budget friendly recreations.

Cocktail of the Week

Since Cinco De Mayo is next week, we have been perfecting our Paloma recipe!  I don’t love grapefruit as a fruit, but I love them in a cocktail!  Just like some people I know that don’t like a tomato but love ketchup and marinara sauce!  This recipe is low on the sugar but not bitter at all!  Salute!

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